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A team of like-minded friends that unit together to create their first short film.

Who we are?
Hi! I’m Alex Lysenko - the founder of this project.

I was born in a small Siberian city - Tomsk. At one time I had the opportunity to travel a lot around the world, constantly learning something new. I admired the energy from completely different places, inspired by nature and people.

At that time I was working with a camera and shooting some short videos.

I felt the desert atmosphere and saw the starry sky. I realized that I was ready for my first film. But I didn’t have a script or a team, just an idea.
Wadi Rum — Jordan

Film Intermission

Near future. One single company now mines all the main resources of our planet. Its young leader, Mason, completes the development of his deceased father, who founded this company with his friend Matt. After the loss, Matt helps Mason with all the company's affairs. Now Mason’s dream is to test a new development on a long-explored exoplanet in order to take the company to a completely new level. However, the longer this experiment lasted, the more Mason realized that not everything was going as planned.


The idea was to film something fantastic, but not far from science. Aesthetic, in my style, but for an insignificant amount of money.

The more I thought about the details, the more I realized how difficult it would be to do it myself.

I invited my close friends to help me implement this idea, for which I thank them very much!


Most short films are really short and usually quickly cover a specific problem in the current location.

Our film is an experiment. This is a full-length concept, but the total time is 33 minutes. This is a small story with its own universe, which immerses the viewer into the narrative gradually, but with a dynamic plot.

Filming began at the end of 2020. We took our filming time and sometimes introduced new ideas into the script.

The main part of the film was shot in Tomsk, but some scenes were shot in the Altai Mountains, and several shots were shot in Jordan.

Intermission —bunker scene, 2020

At the same time, we worked with CG and VFX. All of this were compiled on a home PC without the participation of third-party studios.

Working with sound was the last stage. We composed the original music for the film ourselves to convey the exact atmosphere.

About 20 locations were selected for filming.

We noticed some of them in everyday life by chance, and subsequently added a script to them.

We received the filming knowledge from courses for foreign camera operators. But that was just a theory. We had so much problems In practice. We had to re-shoot some scenes with a new look. But we had a lot of fun throughout the whole filming process.
We have accumulated a lot of shots from the production process, which we will definitely share with you in the backstage movie.

  • Sergey Skorynin

    Cameraman, director of photography

  • Alexey Lysenko

    Sound engineer

  • Anton Atepaev

    The main character of the film, assistant prop master

  • Evgenia Egorova

    Muse, prop master

  • Alex Lysenko

    Project founder, director,

    director of photography, VFX

  • Christina Kuznetsova

    Photographer, co-host of the project

P.S Alex Lysenko

Due to the lack of big money we went through all stages of film production, despite the fact that it was a short film. That was a damn hard, long but such a beautiful journey and that will forever remain in our memory.

After completing all the work with Intermission, we will proceed to the next project, the idea of which is already waiting for its implementation.

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